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A tour of Belgrade

Arka Barka Hostel

I’m staying on a floating hostel which is really nice. You can feel the barge float and swing at night when there is strong wind, but it  is actually quite relaxing. You live pretty much in the city but it doesn’t feel like it. I’m staying at Arka Barka hostel in Belgrade, Serbia



Floating Hostel Arkabarka

Bulevar Nikole Tesle

Београд 11070


The Cathedral of Saint Sava

The Cathedral of Saint Sava, Belgrade, Serbia . It is said that after the 2nd World War it took over 80 permit requests to continue the construction of this church. 80 years after creation of its foundation, the church is still under construction, actually only the interior is not ready. It is sunny day here in Belgrade, and I am up here in the neighborhood, with a nice view of the confluence between the Danube and Sava river. (at Hram Svetog Save – St. Sava Cathedral)