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Flight Check-in tips

Do the check-in a day in advance if the option is available

– If you want to know the best seats for a flight check the Internet for info: seatguru.com for example informs you about seats with lots of leg room, seats to avoid etc.

– If you have to check in a bag at the counter, always verify if they could provide you a better seat.

– At the gate of your next connecting flight never hesitate to inquire about your flight. Sometimes flights are full, and you may receive an offer for an upgrade to Business.

– On board, if the flight is not full you could scout for the best seats… After the announcement that everyone has boarded the plane and you noticed empty seats, just ask the flight attendant if you could switch seats.

– If you are traveling with a low cost company( EG EasyJet) and you have luggage to check-in… Make sure that you specify this when you book the flight. The fee for last minute luggage check-in can sometimes be more expensive than the flight.

– If you are collecting Miles for your trip, makes sure that your frequent flyer is quoted on the boarding pass, if not, verify that the frequent flyer id is registered with the ticket. Pay special attention when a part of your trip is done by a company with code share agreement with the airline you booked in. It is possible to have the first leg of your trip counted, but not the one served by the code share partner.

MNL Terminal 3 and Election Day at the Philippines

I’ve arrived last Saturday in Manila; arrival was at terminal 1. This terminal is particularly old and really pales in comparison to other regions. My parents had to wait outside for me and so they had to endure the heat. I do hope that in terminal 3 people don’t have to wait outside for travelers. Terminal 3 is the “new” Manila International airport which currently is only occupied by one two local airlines. The terminal was ready for use a few years ago but was mothballed because of diverse corruption allegations. One of the structures of the airport has already collapsed before even a first time used. The airport finally opened at the beginning of the year, and I am hoping that they will allow International carriers to arrive there.  I’ll write more about this airport  because today I have a flight with Cebu Pacific(local carrier based in terminal 3) to Seoul, South Korea
Speaking of corruption,  well politics comes in mind and today is the Philippines’ big day for elections. We are electing not only the president but also senators, congressman, mayors, councilors… whew!! the list is long! Today is public holiday,everythings is supposed to be closed….  well they couldn’t prevent the malls from opening  at 12. You can prohibit anything in the Philippines but don’t touch the Malls! You know there is something sacred with people’s relationship with the malls when 3 of the 10 largest malls are found in the country.
I am surprised that there isn’t so much posters around the walls of the country, ordinarily the posters are omnipresent that it actually takes months to take them off! Election period is also a time when money flows like there is no tomorrow. I imagine are money supply tripling in this short period. It is not uncommon to hear from people that in so and so area votes have been for 2000 PHP(around 40 USD) . That is a considerable amount of money especially if you live in the country side. Now you see candidates spending such amount for votes, imagine if they get elected… how eager would they be to recoup up their “investments”.
I am hoping that this election period will not be marred by so many killings.
I’ll need to now… I’ve been monopolising this chair at starbucks for so long!