Arriving at Svalbard

I usually bring a flashlight on camping trips, but then again where I am going the Sun never really sets on Summer; so no flashlight this time. On average temperature goes by 7 degree Celsius but the weather can change rapidly… so much so that I came I came prepared  with Winter cloths on this trip.

Just a while ago when I arrived at Oslo, I made the mistake of thinking that my Oslo-Longyearbyen flight would count as a Domestic flight. I almost missed my flight because I went to the Domestic section because of that… Svalbard is not exactly Norway, but it is a territory of Norway.  

Svalbard seems like … a land on suspension. Almost every one is welcome to stay on this group of  islands for as long as you can tend for yourself. Which other place offers this possibility?

It fascinates because it is so remote and stands as one of, if not, Europe’s  most remote nature frontier.  It’s a group of islands where there are more Polar bears than humans! Where almost half a year it’s dark and almost half, again, the sun is up most of the time. Imagine the explosion of life when Spring comes… Post Tenebras Lux!
It is now 11:06 PM,  I feel sleepy but I do not wish to miss the approach to Spitsberg island. Outside the light looks like midday, in 1 hour I will arrive in Longyearbyen… and I know I will not see the night for some time.