Top Filipino Restaurants in London

The Filipino in me jumped in spirit when I learned that I will work in London for a little more than three months. There is no Filipino restaurants in Geneva any more, and soon enough I would be in big multi cultural city with Filipino restaurants waiting to be discovered.

First of all this is far from being a definitive list, but let me list the restaurants I have been to and the rational for the ranking.

6) Sunrise Kabayan Bakery and Canteen (10 Kenway road Tube:Earls Court)

Try to street map this place, and you’ll see that it has the word Kabayan, remittance and Thai restaurant into it. These words make it a bit misleading for those unfamiliar with Filipinos, but for us, we see kabayan and we are happy. This restaurant is the least costly in my list and that is because it is a canteen. The food is already cooked and all you have to do is pick the food you want. In terms of quality, you get what you pay for.

5) Lutong Pinoy  (10 Kenway road Tube:Earls Court)

The restaurant just beside Kabayan is quite good. They have a buffet but the good thing is you can order your staple Adobo, Sinigang, Lechon Kawali… you can almost feel like you are in Manila. Mind you Kenway Road seems to be the Little Manila of London. It is on my number 5 as I think in terms of ambience, they can do better.

4 ) Lakwatsa (7 Blenheim Crescent Tube: Ladbroke Grove), this restaurant has the same name as this website —  I can tell you that this is by pure coincidence.  Why should I put this on this list, well it is Filipino, and yes it does have Filipino meriendas(snacks) on the menu.WP_20131012_17_48_54_Pro The only thing is that it is first and foremost a bubble tea place. So much so that they do not have the time to serve their meriendas. Last time I was there, there was a big line for their Bubble teas. By the way they are hiring! I hope they can find people fast so that they can serve their meriendas. It makes me want to open a Bubble tea place in Geneva (Lakwatsa did you hear me? Can you give me the secret of your Bubble tea).

The next time you are at Portobello road, do yourself a favor. Try their bubble tea :)

3) Port of Manila (129-131 Brackenbury Rd  Tube:Hammersmith)

Good Filipino restaurant, the President of the Philippines can attest. It is only that it is a little bit far from transport spots. It is 9 minutes walk from Hammersmith and there isn’t much to see when you do that walking. However Brackenbury Rd itself could yield a few surprises. There are a number of restaurants in the area.

2)Cirillo Noodle Bar (4 Cable Street Tube: Tower Hill)

This could easily be number 1 on my list if it were not for its location. It is quite hidden, and I guess those who chance upon it could consider it a gem. What I like with Cirillo’s is the modern touch that it gives to Filipino dishes. Some would find that good or bad… As an example I could hardly say that I ate Adobo with the Adobo I ordered. Was it good?  I’d say yes. I reckon the cooking is more like Modern Filipino Chinese… The chef they say was previously a nutritionist, again that maybe good or bad for some… with Filipno food I always have guilty pleasure with Lechon Kawali!

1)Josephine’s restaurant (4 Charlotte Street  Tube:Totenham Court Road – Central Line  /  Goodge – Northern Line)Josephine's Filipino Restaurant

A Filipino restaurant at Fitzrovia! Very practical! And yes you can have your Lechon Kawali Guilty pleasure here. The ambience is good. Oh and yes the food is good. I’d say it is more classical Filipino, but they adopt their serving style to Western standards(entrée, main meal)… Give me sinigang, Lechon Kawali and rice and I’m happy. Their sago is a bit too sweet. The halo halo dessert is supreme! I have been there 4 times in the last 6 weeks.

Just like Port of Manila a lot of Filipino celebrities pass by this place. I believe Manny,, Honasan etch have been there.  Well I wouldn’t be surprised if  Megan Young , the new Miss World  eat in this place.


As I said the list is not finite. I believe I need to go further East and also  West towards Chelsea to make this list more exhaustive in terms of Filipino restaurants, London.