Filipino passport without visa to Israel

I am about to board a plane from Geneva to Tel-Aviv. I have a  Swiss and Filipino passport and will only use the Filipino passport for entry to Israel. Filipinos are exempted of Visa for entry to Israel; I remember the first time I’ve read about this I had to check out multiple sources to verify the fact… Too much of good news made me skeptical.
I have since read experiences of other Filipino travelers going to Israel without visa and from what I’ve read the normally stringent entry interview process becomes even more complicated with a Filipino passport: why are you not with a tour group? Have got the means to stay in Israel?
So here I am just a few hours before experiencing the Israeli entry process… strangely enough after having had apprehension I am actually excited about it!
Update: 14:06 Geneva I’ve had 2 passport checks now since boarding … And each time they’ve had to verify whether I needed visa for Israel.
Update: 00:22 +1 Jerusalem The chat with the border control staff lasted less than 2 minutes. I have spontaneously shown my Swiss identity card though… I’ll post an update when I have gone though the exit process.